Artisanal Ice Cream on the Move!

The Brown-Hill family, Sweet Valley Ice Cream founders, are committed to bringing only the freshest, hand blended premium ice cream to your family.
We provide theme based, individually frozen Ice Cream and Sorbet. We specialize in rich exotic flavors to please every palate.
Our premium Ice Cream is homemade in our shop at 330 W. Hwy 46, Spencer, IN. We distribute our Ice Cream via fairs, festivals and Farmers Markets with our Mobile Ice Cream Unit.
We are also available to supply creative Ice Cream ideas for fund raisers, wedding receptions, baby showers, birthdays and retirement parties.





*NEW* Sweet Valley Ice Cream Shop
330 West Hwy. 46 Spencer, IN 47460

Thursday 11am-7pm
Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 11am-7pm

Come visit us at a shop without wheels, (I know, its new for us too). The truck will still be traveling and we will still be making  all of our ice cream in-house, but now we actually have a house to make it in. Come down and see us Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday 11am-7pm in Spencer, Indiana just down the road from Owen Valley High School on Highway 46.


And of course keep an eye on Facebook and our Calendar to see what new flavors are coming each week and where the truck is off to next.,,


Made-in-House Ice Cream

Strawberry ice cream topped with strawberries, whip cream and nuts.

4.5 oz Pail


6 oz Cup


New Flavors every week **

Vanilla Chip Chip Chip

Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Chips

Rocky Road

Chocolate ice cream loaded with Marshmallows and Nuts. ***

M & M

Sweet Cream Ice Cream with M&M's

Coffee Mocha

Sweet Cream ice cream infused with Coffee and Chocolate

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Our signature Sweet Cream mixed with Maraschino Cherries and Milk Chocolate.


Classic Strawberry Ice Cream


Need we say More?

Sweet Cream

Our signature answer to vanilla, only with some extra special magic

Cherry Cheesecake

Sweet Cream Ice Cream with cherry pie filling and Nilla Wafers

Banana Cream Pie

A fan favorite


Butterfinger candy bars added to our Sweet Cream Ice Cream


Butterscotch at its best!

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint flavored Ice Cream with dark chocolate chips

Non Dairy Sorbets

Tropical Strawberry
Mandarin Orange

Ice Cream Sundae


6 oz Sweet Cream with your choice of

1 Topping: Chocolate, Caramel, Hot Fudge,

Strawberries, Butterscotch

Add: Whipped Cream, Nuts, and Sprinkles

DIY Floats


Root Beer



1) Sweet Cream & Cherry Cheesecake
2) Sweet Cream & Mint Chocolate Chip
3) Chocolate, Sweet Cream, Strawberry
4)Chocolate Mint




Sweet Cream


Coffee Mocha

Banana Split


Sweet Cream, Strawberry and Chocolate ice cream, Banana: choice of 3 toppings: Chocolate, Strawberries, Carmel, Pineapple, Hot Fudge, Butterscotch.

Add Whip Cream, Nuts, Cherry and Sprinkles.

Weekly Special


Decedent Chocolate Brownie Sundae.
Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Torani Chocolate and Iced Brownie, topped with Whip Cream and Nuts.